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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
There seems to be 2 different types of reply - those with suggestions on how to set an FT course in a wind free environment that's still challenging and fun ( the question I asked ) and those that suggest changing the rules of FT to compensate.

I would guess there are two types of reply because we are apparently looking at two kinds of circumstance.

One suggests that some countries are consistently without significant wind conditions and the other as mentioned in your last post where you get an unexpected calm.

I would suggest the first perhaps needs a different level of thought to the other. If you get an unexpected calm day here it is luck of the draw, equally as if it suddenly decides to blow a hoolie.

But, if as it has been implied other countries have consistently calm conditions with wind being the oddity, perhaps a different approach is warranted for their circumstances?

Hence why I think it would be more challenging to draft a single rule set to cope with both circumstances. I think this is a peculiarity specific to FT as opposed to other disciplines.
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