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Some great posts thanks chaps.

There seems to be 2 different types of reply - those with suggestions on how to set an FT course in a wind free environment that's still challenging and fun ( the question I asked ) and those that suggest changing the rules of FT to compensate.

That suggests to me that those that think we should change the rules don't believe it's possible to set up a challenging course (to the rules) in a wind free environment. Which does sort of beg the question - well if that's the case what do you do if on the morning of one of your shoots the wind drops off to nothing? - Do you call the shoot off or do you adjust things to compensate? I've never heard of a shoot being called off for lack of wind, so setting a fun and challenging course in those conditions must be possible surely?

I think it takes much more planning and thought, but I believe it's possible.
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