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My tuppence worth,

I'm banned from a site, the reason I'm not aware of - i'm a straight guy with even views and even being ex RN would take a lot to upset someone.
Here I can post if necessary and add comments or even say I want to take part in "X" shoot. From my experience over the Kelmarsh weekend (hat off to you organisers) there do seem to be a lot who have only visual access to a certain site.
I won't blot my copy book here, not too sure how I did it elsewhere! But, here at least I can post my intentions to join in what appears to be the fastest growing shooting sport in the UK, and that is something I want to be a part of with the good people I met at Kelmarsh.


so can any one get in touch with the Kibworth crowd and add my name to the 25th shoot (Al Collip) pleas, 'cos I can't!
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