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As a new FT shooter I read all these threads with great interest.

I've posted occasionally but then re-read the thread and feel embarrassed at getting involved as I've only shot a couple of comp courses ( although I've been going to FT clubs and shooting club courses in my own style since the early 90's ). So I delete my post and promise myself to keep out of the discussions until I've shot a lot more FT ( and maybe know a little more of what I'm talking about ).

In the other sports I've played over the years ( Football, Cricket, Table Tennis ) the pitches and kit stay the same and it's the level of competitor that varies. So Test players play against Test players and local fat pie slingers play against local fat pie slingers. So each player finds his own level and so the competition is reasonably equal.

Whilst dibbling at FT and HFT one thing that stands out to me is that the same course ( and mainly same kit ) is used by all ... but the quality of competitor is massively varied in the same competition. So it's very difficult trying to make a course that tests the best shooters but keeps the lower level shooters coming back.

One thing that also interests me is that people are now using rifles and scopes and pellets, that are capable of fantastic accuracy. Every gadget imaginable is used to make the shots easier. If anyone mentions making it more difficult then the whining is unbearable ... " Oh that will hurt my knee, my back, my gallstones ".

To me it's a shooting sport and it's shot using various disciplines ... sitting, kneeling, standing ( prone if so wished ). Seeing as the kit is so accurate then why isn't the testing put on the competitors? Why look to make a target more difficult in less wind, to a competitor that is in a fairly rock steady stance, using kit that can do 10mm at 55 yards, by reducing the kill etc. Why not just make the competitor work harder over the range of techniques, so you can see who is the best shooter over that range of techniques? When a group of competitors all get to a standard and can say all group inside 20mm at 55 yards from the sitting position, and their scopes can range to a couple of yards, you are mainly seeing who can judge the wind best on a windy day. On a low/no wind day then presumably loads of the best shooters only miss 1 or 2 shots? Averages must all be very tight at the top?

So why not have a 1/3rd freestyle, 1/3 kneeling and 1/3 standing? Or everything, other than less than 25mm kills, under 40 yards is kneeling and everything under 30 yards is standing? Or some other variation on that?

Will that just put off lots of lower shooters because it will be too hard to get a score? If so, then could something like that be done for the AA guys?

I'd presume that the best shooters would still win because they will be better at the disciplines than others. Whenever I see shoot offs they always ignore the sitting ( FT ) or prone ( HFT ) for obvious reasons ... you could be there all day. So the disciplines of kneeling and standing are used to seperate the best on the day. So when discussing making courses more tricky or challenging or interesting in easier conditions ( no wind ) then why is having lots more disciplines not included in the discussion more often?

I have so little experience in FT competitions that I really have no bias here. Just a genuine question.

( I'll probably re-read this later and delete it ).

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