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Well it sort of is about the Worlds, but I didn't want to turn this into one big WFTF bashing session - We're a part of the world after all and we have times when there's little or no wind at a shoot so I wondered how the best FT course setters in the UK deal with that situation and still stay within the rules of FT course setting.

From all the stuff I've learned from this thread, I reckon Neil D's formula is a good starting point, especially the 20% of targets over 50 yards instead of just throwing out more 15mm kills.

Afterall a 40mm kill at 55 yards is approximately the same in MoA as a 25mm at 35 yards and probably a harder shot if there's the slightest wind on the course. So if you had to stay with the max of 20% reducers you could include 20% over 50 yards to make things interesting.
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