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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
What's the answer then Jon?

How does a country with little or no wind play at FT ?
As it sounds like the worlds we're discussing.

If the wind is the thing that makes you go out of kill, then when there's less, reduce it the size so you get the same effect. 25mm all the way out. Smaller kills at closer distances. The rifles and scopes are capable of it.

Then at least you're trying to encourage a refinement of the accepted shooting practices rather than them being swamped by things that a technical solution can largely solve easily.

At the moment, I believe the WFTF rules are something like 10mm per 10m for sitters. Chop it in half. Make a minimum of 10mm. Put minimum distance at 20m. Then there may be some fear about hitting a target, rather than just getting into an extreme position to hit a target, that otherwise most people would hit at that range all day long.

When you have massive grounds, the best a country can find, it seems a little wasteful to me to have a reducer at 10-15m, and then to repeat the same thing with some elevation later, then to do the same thing kneeling and then standing, then to come to another lane and see 40mm kills 5m further out.

But I do question whether some courses are actually looking for the wind. Or if they do, actually know what to do with it. Elevated targets that sit low on a sloping ground are less of a challenge than an elevated target that's at least up a tree or feature that's at the same angle. Then you have the courses which dump a load of targets in a wind exposed area, in a neat line. All the same direction. Take reading off of first strike, apply to rest of line.
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