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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
not used to shooting in the wind because in the part of Canada where he shoots there isn't any!. Hard to imagine I guess, but I remember when I went out to Poland in 2006 for an International HFT shoot, there wasn't any wind there either and not a great deal of it out in Germany last year.
Unfortunately that's the downside to internet its been known for decades theres little or no wind in most of Europe being nothing more than benchrest ft rubbing off on us. Modern day British courses emulate and were found to be too easy, what did they do slap extra disciplines in.
Wind the last 4 years is regarded as edge of kill, 1/2 to 3/4 kill off edge theyre thinking cancel the shoot ignoring the fact that's where the skill and enjoyment is.
Long gone are the days when thinking 3 kills off edge and a great sense of achievement and applause when hit by quite a few, just dismissed as the windy one nothing further said.

No shoot should realistically come down to a shoot off or the grading scores all come in close together with too little separation. Means something fundamentally wrong and may just as well flip a coin.

Ft up to 4 years ago was in its prime all about wind and trajectory, now its about disciplines, flat level ground, poke and hope.

Most clubs courses are established shot weekly for years and can easily alter firing line or move targets in or out without any hassle. Very few clubs make and change the course on a weekly basis, too much effort but avoids boredom.
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