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Originally Posted by cloverleaf View Post
To prevent rotation about the single stock bolt Weihrauch evidently put a raised rib across the bottom of the action block that passes through the centreline of the single stock retaining bolt hole. This works to an extent.. however since it represents a high spot with respect to the rest of the lower surface of the block, this allows the action to rock back and fourth in the stock - if you grip the gun between you forefinger and thumb (finger on top rear of action, thumb on front of piston grip behind the trigger guard) and squeeze, you'll see the action dip in the stock at the rear; rocking about the rib on the bottom of the block.
I see, and agree that is poor. My HW100 was an early one from 2006 and I'm sure it didn't have that rib. That it was deemed necessary suggest bad stock inletting again, so it would IMHO have been better to address that aspect.

The GinB stock I had was made with hand tools on the other side of the world than the action that was to sit in it, and it still was a perfect interference fit. So it can be done.

As soon as the action was in that stock the barrel band became an irrelevance. I threw it to the bottom of the bits box and it lies there still... 10 months after I sold the gun!

Free floating barrels are the way to go.
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