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Hi Folks. Interesting thread, I have recently returned to Air Weapons and consequently have been burning much midnight oil reading as much as I can. Some subjects are the matter of great debate this being one of them I think.
I have come to the following conclusions :-

Those that shoot targets only (FT and Target) tend to float the barrel some remove the cylinder/barrel clamp and replace with the Rowan cylinder clamp (I'm talking about the HW100 /101 only here).

There appears to be a broadly 50/50 split regarding those that shoot across disciplines ie HFT and FT as to O ring removal.

Those who hunt and target shoot remove the O ring but leave the retaining ring in place to lessen damage if knocked or caught in undergrowth etc.

Finally there's those like me who intend to hunt (and therefore will leave the O ring in place) more than compete. (I have mobility problems and find getting into the required FT/HFT positions not only difficult but sometimes quite painful but I would not be singled out by being 'allowed' to compromise the required stance.

These are just my views and I have no doubt many will disagree.

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