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Originally Posted by sjburgon View Post
1. Is that a standard trigger ? it has two clear stages and is nice and light with a target type blade which is adjustable by the screw on the end of the trigger which is a brass cylinder. I know its not an olympic but got the impression it may not be standard.

2. Whats the brass fitting on the front of the stock for as circled in green. looks like a stock bolt hole ? but doesnt seem to have any purpose.

3. Please can you spot any non standard bits so I can get a clear picture of how its been changed over the years.

4. I have the original muzzle end as pictured any ideas how this would have fit originally

5. Is that an original Air Arms silencer ? (Has no markings but looks consistent with the age of the gun)
Taking your questions in order:

1. The trigger mechanism is the standard Shamal mechanism, the trigger post and shoe is something someone has made. The factory 'adjustable' blade is a simple 'L' shaped piece of brass that attaches to the trigger using an M4 button head allen screw.

2. Shamals and the 100 Series originally had a band around the cylinder to act as a second stock fixing, this forward hole acommodated the fixing screw for this. Most people ditched the band as it was found the normal fixing point at the rear was adequate.

Cylinder band:

3. Non-standard bits: The brass handle added to the bolt, the trigger blade, the pistol grip cap, the modified fore-end and the alloy bits at the muzzle end.

4. The Shamal originally had just a 1/8 BSP threaded male connector and you needed to screw the air hose on to it and nip it up with a spanner to seal. The original muzzle end would have had a steel piece passing through it that threaded onto the fill point and had a knurled head on the outside to tighten it. See here:

5. Not sure. Air Arms did offer a silencer with the Shamal. Initially this was a one piece item combined with the valve cover (also a simple muzzle weight in this style as in picture above). Your orignal end cap appears to be a cut down silencer with a threaded adaptor added. Later AA made a two piece unit where the silencer remained attached to the muzzle via a grub screw and only the valve cover was removed for filling. Your silencer looks similar but without handling I wouldn't like to definitvely say if it is orginal.

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