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Default Okay the Shamal has landed and shes a beauty !!!

Okay the Shamal arrived today and im well chuffed. Nice and consistent over the chrono at 11.4 ftlb with between 3 to 9 ftps variance over a string of 30 shots with a 160bar fill discounting the first two shots. I used airarms 4.51 8.4g as thats what i use in my pro target but they were very loose(Fall out of the breech lose) but im gonna see what it groups like on the range before I play around with different pellets.

So I have taken some pics and just have a few questions if anyone can help.

1. Is that a standard trigger ? it has two clear stages and is nice and light with a target type blade which is adjustable by the screw on the end of the trigger which is a brass cylinder. I know its not an olympic but got the impression it may not be standard.

2. Whats the brass fitting on the front of the stock for as circled in green. looks like a stock bolt hole ? but doesnt seem to have any purpose.

3. Please can you spot any non standard bits so I can get a clear picture of how its been changed over the years.

4. I have the original muzzle end as pictured any ideas how this would have fit originally

5. Is that an original Air Arms silencer ? (Has no markings but looks consistent with the age of the gun)

Thats it I really appreciate all the infor given so far and it seems others have too... looking forward to your answers..

Thanks again Simon
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