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Originally Posted by cloverleaf View Post
Dale; can you tell me anything about the finish on the NJR breech blocks please? I've owned examples finished in both silver matte and black gloss anodising; I assumed the silver was present on earlier guns and later changed to black; although serial numbers don't seem to back this up. Might the action block colour have been an option too?
To the best of my knowledge the colour of the breech block was not an option.

I understand that the finish was a satin chrome on the earlier 100 series rifles. It has been noticed that you can see the change from brass breech blocks to alloy as the chrome had a darker silver-grey colour on the brass with it being a lighter more silver-white over the alloy.

The later Shamal's had a black chrome finish on the breech blocks, I am not sure if AA also used black chrome on the 'Mk2' 100 series guns or whether they switched to black anodising.
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