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Originally Posted by cloverleaf View Post
The "Olympic" trigger was fitted as standard to the TM and NJR100, and was an option on the SM and XM100. To the best of my knowledge it wasn't around while the Shamal was in production; however apparently they can be retro-fitted.
When the 100 Series rifles were first introduced all variants were fitted with the standard trigger unit design that had carried over from the Shamal.

The Olympic was developed a little while after the series was released and was offered as an optional upgrade / retro-fit unit. They can indeed be fitted to the Shamal as I had one on my Shamal.

I am not entirely sure but I think later on in the production run the Olympic might have been fitted as standard on the NJR100's

Originally Posted by Jon View Post
Both breach blocks seen aluminium and brass used. Sticker when original will show either Shamal, SM100, TM100 or NJR.
The first Shamal breech blocks were steel, then later brass. Early 100 Series guns had brass breech blocks which was later changed to alloy. The early Shamals had a wider scope rail as well.

All Shamals have the name engraved on both sides of the breech block - the font style changed across the production run. The 100 Series use the sticker system on the breech block as a cost measure when designating the model variant.
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