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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Cheers chaps, I appreciate the advice.

There is a reason I'm asking this question, but the reason isn't what you think it is. I'm not asking as someone who's never set out an FT course before, I'm asking for general tips on what you personally would do differently in regards to course setting if by some freak of nature the wind stopped blowing.
Brian, having options to either change or move targets at short notice can help. We have learnt from each of our Winter courses and then used them the following year. Our region has 2 lanes of each positional on a course but we set the course up with usually 3 of each so if it was a still day the more difficult ones could be used and would only mean moving the sign.

For example last years course the wind literally died on the morning of the shoot. Being there first thing in the morning 3 targets and a kneeling lane were moved to make things harder. In the end no one clearer the course but a couple dropped only 1 and a couple of whistles questioning targets.

This year the course was left alone on the day as there was a bit of wind which was rather playful but 1 person cleared it but the others were 3 behind him and no whisltes for targets. Both courses had an average of about 38 yards with 1 of each positional at or over the 40 yard mark.

You can never really win but the suggestions in previous posts at all valid.
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