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Originally Posted by sjburgon View Post
Cant thank you enough for the info on scopes.. I am gonna head to pickering guns at the weekend to look through his selection of oldie scopes....gonna see how it shoots then maybe send it to mr welham after xmas for a service..

If getting a 18+40 lupe , beware of the EFR lupes . i know some shooters love em . but i hated mine . never ever gave the same range twice EVER . if it was me i would look for a 32 mag or 35 mag Lupe MK 4 . the 32 mag is clearer , not quite as good as a 35 mag BUT cheaper . you can see some for around the 500 mark . 18+40s 300 to 350 for a good one . remember that these scopes mostly have boosters and prem rets in . which lupe won't service . but if they have lasted this long . they should last a bit longer . if you want cheaper . the tasco 6+24 by 40 is a good scope . or with the TR ret , you can range on 24 mag quite well and of course bracket the kill with the power ring and TR ret . TR means twin line ret . you just zoom in and out , till the ret touches each side of the kill so to speak and read off the power to get the range . you would only need to do that on 47 , 50 , 52 and 55 to be sure . around 85 to 125 ish . ??? HOLLY

PS the origional scope on these as a lot of others was a Tasco 2+7 by 32

PSS they are a very easy rifle to service , so if you only want a service , you might try some of the local lads around you . you might nag jon harris into it .

PSSS the prices i quoted are for private sales . so a shop is gonna be more .
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