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Originally Posted by LittleJack View Post
Hiya Brian, I am totally agreeing with big Neils formula.
Doing this is quite simply a balanced course.
I don't mean to blow my own trumpet sort of thing but I had set 95% of the Welsh GP 2014 Blaenau Gwent and was the best course that i have ever shot. with me and a few others working on it for 18 months ish.
We had uphill, downhill shooting (probably 2 lanes to many uphill)
360 of shooting. If you're lucky enough to have that kind of ground then you can't really put on a bad shoot and you will find the wind.
You gotta pull some tricks out the bag , 40 yarder up tree in the wind coupled up with a full ******* in shelter along a bush or whatever.
Tieing the strings down is always a bummer.
Angled lanes so you don't learn to much off previous targets because of wind direction.
Longish shot under tree in shade on a bright day. But you can't really plan that.
If this happens to be the 1st course you are setting a top tip would be go for no cease fires.
Berty is the man for course setting tho in my book, ask him
With jack on the trumpet and piemanlarger on the fiddle , we should be all right . ??? HOLLY

PS thinking about it , berty would def be on a wind instrument ?
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