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Originally Posted by Adam View Post
Your stock is poorly inlet then. That never happened with mine even in the standard stock.
Hardly a poor design; many PCPs attach stock to action with a single bolt.

As an illustration I had a GinB stock made for it and the inletting was so precise that I could shoot the gun without any stock bolts in and indeed sometimes forgot to put the bolt in, the action was held so snugly.
Sorry - in retrospect my original post was probably a bit misleading and thinking about it I should have qualified my original statement by making clear that my rifle isn't quite standard.

To prevent rotation about the single stock bolt Weihrauch evidently put a raised rib across the bottom of the action block that passes through the centreline of the single stock retaining bolt hole. This works to an extent.. however since it represents a high spot with respect to the rest of the lower surface of the block, this allows the action to rock back and fourth in the stock - if you grip the gun between you forefinger and thumb (finger on top rear of action, thumb on front of piston grip behind the trigger guard) and squeeze, you'll see the action dip in the stock at the rear; rocking about the rib on the bottom of the block.

I didn't like this much so have packed my stock / action interface with card underneath the block to prevent this rocking, but in doing so have now allowed the action to rotate about the stock bolt as described in my original post.

Getting back to the barrel band issue; as previously stated the action bolt setup relies on the barrel band restraining the barrel in bending to secure the action. Removing the band or O-ring will make the action more prone to rocking in the stock, or if packed out (like mine) more prone to rotation in the stock. Either way (and of course you're entitled to your opinion as much as I am to mine) it's a woefully substandard interface IMO.

I don't have a problem with the use of a single stock bolt at all - I own a number of other PCPs that use this setup; however these give no problems as they're all based around a cylindrical action, locating into correspondingly cylindrical inletting in the stock - preventing rocking or rotation about the bolt.

Originally Posted by Old slider View Post
I think my stock must be poorly inlet,when action is laid in stock and main bolt is fitted doesn't seem to bad but when front bolt put in action seems to lift or stock bows at front and you can move back of action left or right,also if you tap on side of stock you can feel vibration of action on stock,is this a normal occurrence or have I got a Friday afternoon stock
Tbh from my experience that sound about normal...

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