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Originally Posted by sjburgon View Post
I reckon ive just bought a Shamal TM100 which is due to arrive on wednesday, Its in the original target stock and carries the shamal logo which I believe makes it an early TM.
1. Firstly I believe mine may have an Olympic trigger unit fitted but how do I tell the difference between this over the standard trigger (any pics of either a standard or olympic would be useful either in situe or removed)
Hi Simon,

What you have acquired is a Shamal Target model. The TM100 designation relates to a rifle variant from the series that subsequently replaced the Shamal.

Here is an early Shamal (no. 13) fitted into the target pattern stock:

Here is a TM100:

The Shamal target stock design was carried over to be used on the 100 Series guns as the TM variant.

The 100 Series comprised: SM100 - basic beech sporter stock version, XM100 - walnut sporter, TM100 - target stock version and NJR 100 - full FT stocked version.

Regarding the Olympic trigger, this came out with the 100 Series, but a fair few were retro-fitted to Shamal's. When you receive your rifle, take the stock off and photograph the trigger mechanism and add it to this thread, we can quickly tell you if it is the Olympic or standard unit.

Dale (rockdrill on BBS)

PS - anyone rember this centre page picture from the Airgun World Annual of 1988:

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