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Default Shamal

Originally Posted by sjburgon View Post
Ok I have read the various threads on here and on BBS suprisingly not too many for such an iconic rifle but this one I found seems to be the best.

I reckon ive just bought a Shamal TM100 which is due to arrive on wednesday, Its in the original target stock and carries the shamal logo which I believe makes it an early TM.

I reckon its around 26 years old and have emailed air arms to see if they can date it. Im struggling to find a copy of the owners manual so if anyone has one or knows where to source a pdf version it would be really helpful.

The reason for the thread is I wanted to ask other forum members who may have or had experience with these guns a few questions.

1. Firstly I believe mine may have an Olympic trigger unit fitted but how do I tell the difference between this over the standard trigger (any pics of either a standard or olympic would be useful either in situe or removed)

2. I read that some of these had a simple reg fitted as standard and many were fettled with and retro fitted with a reg. how can i tell if this is the case without a major stripdown. does anyone have any pics of an unfettled set of internals for comparison

3. Im planning to use this as a retro FT combo and wanted to know what the scopes of choice would have been for FT back in the late eighties and any reccomendations which was best.

As always any help or advice would be much appreciated

Rockdrill on the BBS is the man to ask . what he does not know is not worth knowing . Plus he has or at least had some spares . the olympic trigger unit is silver in colour the shamal unit is black . they look totally different . by the way the olympic trigger is a right pain to set up , if it is good leave it alone . the problems with the shamal were no reg and the forward barrel mounting . both gave zero shifts as the air was used . both of these things can be sorted by dave welham . if you are just gonna use the rifle as is , you need to find the sweet spot air wise . i think the fill pressure was 160 bar . but i put 180 in mine . got about 60 good shots . scope wise if you have the dosh then i would look for a good lupe MK4 . cheating a smidgen , but not much . the proper scope would be a lupe 6.5 to 20 . a tasco 4=16 TR . a tasco 6=24 TR . a lupe 14=35 . a lupe 18=40 . a 6=24 bausch and lomb balivar . the MK 4 is a sidewheel . lot easier . ??? HOLLY
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