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I think Neil Daniels has a excellent theory on a fun and balanced course design.
something along these lines:

20% disciplines
20% reducers (35yrds and under)
20% 35-45yrds
20% 45-50yrds
20% 50-55yrds

Good starting point just so happens our shoot Sunday will be near on above, wind or no wind thats whats going out with yet another new layout and not less than 20 never shot before.
Whats lacking is the the fun aspect lost in the last 4 years, people pay their money and expect to be entertained.
Why repetitively shoot same old course week in week out year after year like most clubs do. As long as theres a change and thought gone in to the course I don't care if on a flat mown grass field.

Increase max range to 60
Scrap discipline and small kill max ranges, certainly the combined distance rule.
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