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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post

Do you reckon, as a basis Conor/Big Neil's formula is a good starting point :
20% disciplines Yes
20% reducers (35yrds and under) if no wind
20% 35-45yrds 8 - 40 yards for me
20% 45-50yrds 40- 49
20% 50-55yrds 50+

Extend the distances of positionals, vary the course shooting line so it twists and turns to make use of any slight wisp of wind there might be.
If you have the grounds
Throw in some angled shots but don't over do them (3 or 4 lanes as a guide) some yes, 1 or lanes for me usually . I prfer angles to change lane to lane. Dave Semmens once said the best course is one with 2-4 lanes in same angle, so you can learn from one to another before changing. I like that idea especially for newer shooters

Include some shots on uneven ground, but again don't overdo them (3 or 4 lanes as a guide) Cant stand uneaven ground, well ok if it slopes down but if its up then I cant breath and its not a test of shooting. Same for considering lefties on banks etc.

Throw in some difficult ranging conditions - dark targets, targets with different faceplate colours
Makes it a challenge

Vary the distance of targets in the same lane, try to avoid having both targets at roughly the same distance
Sometimes two targets the same distance but varied in angle can make you think. Generally think of a course with say thre targets all roughly the same distance one after another as not very interesting.

Vary the horizontal angle of targets in a lane - don't just have two targets facing you
Don't mind the odd up or down, but not 10+ in a row!

Include some lanes where you might need to move your beanbag between targets, but not many of these
Not for me, just wastes time and energy

Add some fun targets with different faceplate designs
We have some, alligator, owl, dragon, wild boar

Anything else to add to the formula?
Make it interesting, not the same shot lane after lane, don't be afraid of putting out a Freestyle fullsize kill under 30 yards
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