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Default Many Thanks

Hi Dean, Thanks for the info, I hadnt thought about looking on the Air Arms owners site I will take a look when im at work I was thinking about a bushnell or a bausch & Lomb in gloss black but didnt know what to look for so all good advice.. thanks again Si

Originally Posted by DEAN C. View Post
Hi Simon,
I have owned a Shamal and still own an NJR 100 so know a little bit. They didnt all have regs but I think the target versions usually did. They original regs were their downfall to be honest.

The Shamal was before the 100 series so not sure which yours is, but it will tell you on the breech. I dont think that there was a Shamal TM100, but there was a target version of the Shamal.

There should be Shamal drawings on the Air arms owners site in the technical section. I know the 100 series are there. The drawings were available until recently on Air Arms own site, not sure if they still are though.

The barrel fixing was much better on the later 100 series but other than that they are both nice guns. Try Airmasters for information, as even Air Arms are sending customers to him now from repairs from what I have heard.

Not sure what others will say about scopes but Tasco TR 6x24x40 were about then as early FT scopes, and probably the Leup 6.5x20 were just coming in as Nick Jenkinson was linked to both at the time. Not sure what years the Custom shop or early 8x32 Deben scopes came out.
If it was me I would look for a glossy Bushnell , Burris or Leup if you want to really use it, but I have a couple of Tasco TR's which you can range find with and have a look through, but they are limited on the mag(nice glass though).
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