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I believe a good course is down to balance , forget all the sticky out chest elitist bvllshit , they are all there to be hit and let's be brutally honest it's disciplin shots that separate AA grade.
Best course I've shot in recent times was Castle GP1 this year and some of the worst Germany last year.
Over the years I've shot more bad than good and think that ridicules short targets I.e. sub 15yds should be banned purely for safety , it's not a test of skill at all and if it's there to catch you a turn out then that's a sign of poor course setting that something more imaginative couldn't have sprung to mind other than jabbing a full kill in at 8 yards !
Course building isn't just whacking everything out at 55 or sticking it 30 foot up a tree or using back breaking terrain either but people see this and think it's the norm.
The one thing that a lot of course builders fail to check is fouling debris from the gate to the target like long grass and twigs etc.

Just my thoughts , will be wrong no doubt , I await the keyboard warriors !

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