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Originally Posted by scruff View Post
just a thought....don't forget this is a sport for all grades and ability....if you lay a course only for aa will lose those people you are trying to encourage in to the sport....if only aa grade turn up then the sport will quickly good being a world champ when you are the only shooter
Not sure if that is actually the case, I'm pretty new to the sport and want to shoot up to and against AA shooters, I think that's a massive advantage in this sport, that I can be shooting around with some of the worlds best shots, I love that.

I think the Wales GP was the hardest course I've ever shot and it was also one of the best and most testing, you could see the work that had go into the shots and it beats shooting everything straight on at 45yds+ for 25 lanes.

There's a fine art to a good course, I've put a couple of my own out, proper rubbish, because I don't have the experience to understand what some of the lads who've been shooting for 30+ years see when they are planning a course. I don't think I've shot a course yet that was growler after growler but then again I don't want any gimmies either, it's not Fun Target Shooting (see what I did there? I'm here all week!!!!)

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