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BFTA Rules
The competitors may only leave the firing line under the following conditions:
a. Voluntary abandonment of the shoot, in which case his score to that point will be presented as a valid result.
b. To affect a repair to equipment that has been rendered unsafe or incapable of firing a shot by whatever means. This does not include zero-shift of optical equipment or poorly zeroed systems.
(Rule 15 b. is NOT applicable when a shot-gun start is employed; in this circumstance please see shooting Rule 17 - FIRING LINE CONDUCT)
c. For any other occurrence deemed valid by the Chief Marshal or Deputy.
Note: In Rule 15 b, the competitor may replace the offending part or equipment with the permission of the Chief Marshal or Deputy. A visit to the zeroing range is not permitted by the competitor or any person on his behalf, using the repaired or exchanged equipment, before re-commencing the shoot. (Unless the Chief Marshal grants specific permission).
In all the above cases the competitorís scorecard must be handed to the Chief Marshal or Deputy and his/her permission obtained to leave the firing line, with a stipulated time for return. The card will be marked with the time of departure. Any card not claimed within the designated time will be submitted for scoring.
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