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Default Does glass-bedding your air rifle improve accuracy?

Hi all,

Does glass-bedding your air rifle improve accuracy?

I know my question is not precise enough, so I'll try to to be more precise.

Of course we must separate the question into two distinguished part

wooden stocks and aluminum stocks.

Often, FT shooters are choosing to have a free floating barrel for their FT rifles.
Not only to avoid the zero shift, but also to limit vibrations, well tuning harmonics.

If the barrel is floating , only the "action box" rests in the stock and ensures proper fixing of it.

Some shooters say: in this case, that the contact "stock/action" must be perfect on the entire length of the "action box". Ok but in this case all the vibrations are transmitted to the stock and conversely.

Others say it’s better this contact must be minimal to avoid vibrations transmission.
Two approaches, two methods.

On my Anschutz 8002 S2 the action is held by only 1 screw M5 which support all the weight on a very small surface like a 2 cents.

I think to switch it to free-floating barrel, but in this case I'll have to make a glass-bedding and adds another fixing screws.
What do you think? I know every rifle react differently in terms of vibrations, thermics dilatations .

Your point of view should clarify my mind (at least I hope lOl )


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