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Default steyr Hunter 5 - a bit wayward

Had mine down the range today setting up my scope and mounts. Had real trouble getting it to group at 20 yards off the bench there was a bit of breeze but not so much to make the difference I was seeing.

It was left and right with say 2 or 3 of the 5 same hole. Bit frustrating! Tried it with moderator and without.
I find my pellet choice is a bit limited on them because of the need for a decent fit in the mag so was using some 4.53 JSB exacts - I know from past use in my other guns they are not the best but usually better than I saw today. Tried some old faithful JSB 4.52s and they were a bit better - but unless you are disciplined re loading they can fall back out just when you are pushing the mag home and jam it up - a pain but can be overcome. Would be happy to take more care if they were single holing but unusually they weren't in the Steyr. They are my pellet of choice for my Walther and my bench rest pro target so usually do the job but not today in the Steyr!

It may be that the barrel needs a bit of a clean - I know my LG110 always liked to be cleaned v regularly but to be honest I sold that on as it was way to finicky to gte shooting well. Hope this Hunter 5 isn't going to be as temperamental. Will give a clean and it again tomorrow - see if it has improved.
Cleaning the steyr is not that easy with pull through - getting the tag end out to insert the cleaning wad is a pain. Has anybody used a rod set to clean a steyr?

Any thoughts?
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