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Well.. to be fair, I think the advice that is given is usually given with reference to whether the person asking is an experienced established shooter or a newcomer to the sport.

If you're new to the sport and on average don't manage to knock over half the targets on the course - pellet prep is very unlikely to be your problem.

I don't think I've said that on this thread though - I think my message for this thread has been reasonably consistent :
  • Don't rely on quoted BC's - test in your own gun
  • Many more things other than quality of manufacture can and will have a big impact on BC
  • If a JSB heavy gives a BC that comes anywhere near to the quoted figure of 0.031 AND it groups well in your gun in both still air and in the wind - then that's a very good pellet choice to make and you will gain a wind advantage from using it.

As far as airguns and slugs are concerned, I believe there's quite a lot of scope for getting better performance in the pursuit of better pellets, better barrels, better air delivery systems, and there's been some really interesting information presented in this thread about that.

As far as the original topic of this thread where Robert gave us a detailed comparison of the ballistics of two pellets and asked - given this comparison, why aren't you all using JSB Heavy's. The short answer is, that an analysis on paper with values that aren't specific to your setup is by no means a conclusive argument. In theory it seems conclusive, but the real world isn't as well behaved unfortunately.
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