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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Welcome Colin, the newest member of the conspiracy
Now shhhhhh - don't let on to johnny foreigner about the secrets of pellet prep

I love a good conspiracy theory.

I thought Sven's post was excellent BTW.

I also totally agree with the comments about good practice. I tell the kids at the cricket club that " Bad practice is bad practice " ... see what I did there? Not sure the kids do looking at their batting averages.

I know that most of the top FT guys use slugs out of the tin.

It's a little more than that though. They will have spent effort, time and probably a lot of cash testing pellets to find the right batch so that they can then just use them out of the tin.

Bri posted an excellent thread where he tested several batches of JSB with a chrono at 55 yards to see what pellet shot with best accuracy/stability out of his rifle.

I just think that all that effort and detail in pellet selection is hidden and lost with comments of one sentence that just say ... get one that shoots well in your gun and then practice. It's not the full story for a newbie or youngster reading the boards.

It can be confusing for lower beings like myself. I've been told by shooters who have some pedigree to at least try pellet prep/selection. HFT and FT Champions. So there are those that can shoot that have delved into prepping/weighing/measuring/selecting slugs.

When I did some testing last Winter by following that advice the spread over the chrono halved, the groups reduced and the unexplained flyers basically disappeared. So for me, with those pellets in that gun, it made an obvious improvement.

I've seen HFT/FT guys with top end mega adjustable butt pads/hooks and they are just not using them properly. EG the tip of the top lever in their bicep or in their ear or somewhere pointless. They could have bought a 1.50 coat hook from B&Q and it would have done the same job.

Hence my comments that all pellet threads just get dismissed and all bling threads get lots of support and praise, leading the 'bling = success' brigade to get spending.

I suppose you don't get much street cred standing by the tea van waving your washed and lubed pellet around when you are standing next to the guy ( who scores 42/60 ) showing off his brand new 2000 HFT Thunderbird 2 Special.

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