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Don't you have to do both?

No amount of practice with a rifle and a pellet that can't group will improve your scores, neither will swapping hardware magically make you a better reader of the wind.

Most of what I shoot these days is 20 yard paper punching, LSR and bench rest. It's taken me a while to find a combination of kit for each discipline, and then to learn the specialised - and different - techniques that both demand.

Swapping from other ammo to JSB 5.51 has helped, as these really perform well in my S410K. The Exact Expresses that go so well in 177 are also made in 22; I tried a tin and they don't group as well as the 5.51s do.

I bought an Anschutz glove. That meant I had to adjust my stance, some may find that hard to believe.
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