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Originally Posted by sven View Post
I love conspiracy theories (and I believe this whole forum is just one big heap of dis-information from the UK shooters to the rest of the world so they keep winning the trophies and keep us continental non-Tommies dumb )

More serious ( but then again not too): The problem is Time. Most shooters have more time available to:
fiddle guns and scopes in their man cave (when they are so lucky to have one),
roam the internet,
put spanners, screwdrivers and the other tool in places that do not need any sorting out (if it aint broken dont fix it! O, no but I cant resist the call from the Mighty Allen Key),
and Sort, Weigh, Wash, and Lube Pellets, all AT HOME.
Than they have to go OUT to the shooting range and practice, practice, practice and then practice some more.
Probably these are also the reasons why we have more rifles than we can shoot with, or are willing to carry to and from the boot of the car.

I guess evolution has thought us men (or our beloved wifes have) that taking care of your wife and family is more important for the survival of mankind than practice, practice, practice and then practice some more.

So it is very wise to for us to discuss the pro's and cons of 0.058319019 gram of lead. At home, that is.
A good point Sven

Now this would be in interesting thread with potentially huge scope for improvements..

They say that practice makes perfect, but actually, that's not true.
"Perfect practice makes perfect" is the real truth.

If there was a thread discussing practice methods, how long you should practice, what should you practice, how do you make it interesting, how do you set goals and measure success etc..

Now that would make an interesting read.

It's a lot of hard work though - just buy one of my hooks and don't bother practicing.
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