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Well I guess you've got to make your own mind up about what a person's motives are behind the advice they give out.

Perhaps there's a big conspiracy where advice on pellets is disproportionate and incongruent with advice about other items such as stocks and butt hooks etc.

Or.... perhaps the advice is genuine and based on experience and isn't disproportionate at all.

You'll have to try to figure out my motives for yourself when I say this.

Buying bling for your gun, a new stock, a new butt hook even a gimp coat. Can improve your technique and consistency (with practice)

Improvements to your technique and consistency are worth having.

Washing, weighing, lubing, sizing, theorising with chairgun won't help your technique or consistency one iota. In fact they can end up being very time consuming and that time would be better spent and would yield better results if you spent it practicing shooting.

I'll leave it up to you to decide whether I have some sinister ulterior motive or whether I'm trying to be helpful with that advice.

This is a forum, where people give their opinions - if you don't like their opinion you're entirely free to disregard it.
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