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In any airgun conversation or equation, it is surely given that the better target shooter you are ( able to shoot better groups, able to range accurately and able to judge wind well ) then the better your scorecard.

That is the one constant that no one will ever argue with. Along with that goes the statement that if you want to get betters scores the best thing you can do is practice and work on your technique.

So if we ignore that constant, because everyone knows that, then people are looking for other slight variables that may improve their performance. If they aren't practising and working on their technique at the same time then there is no hope for them.

It always fascinates me that if someone starts a thread about pellets, whether it's to do with washing, lubing, weighing or whatever, it's the standard answer of ... find the best batch of JSB 7.9/8.4gr for your barrel and then buy loads of them and just use them from the tin. I'm not saying that is bad advice but if someone is convinced they are pinching an extra target by weighing etc then what's the problem?

Some of the best shooters I've spoken to, that have won championships, do these things. So it isn't just a fad for lower level shooters.

It similarly amazes me that there is this standard reply to questions about pellets ... Get a pellet that suits your barrel and then practice to improve your technique. If it's to do with some other item that may help you pinch the odd target ... Adjustable hamsters, Gimp coats, Butt Hooks ... even if these things cost many hundreds of pounds ... everyone comments what a fantastic thing these are and how did anyone ever shoot FT without them. It can even be a brand new rifle costing thousands. Maybe the very very top guys can gain a small advantage over their close rivals with one of these items but I'd bet my house that the average shooter, who is probably missing 10 targets or more a week, will gain more targets by practising technique to improve groups, and getting experience in wind, than they will with some new butt hook or adjustable hamster or even rifle.

... but we very very rarely see people say ... save your money and spend your time practising on your technique ... just on the pellet threads.

S'pose everyone loves the bling.

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