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Mr Basset
I did point out that the march scopes are well out numbered
Scopes are only one part of the FT equation and putting 3000 on the top of your 2200 rifle carried in a 250 peli case fueled with 50 sleeves of the finest JSB's money can buy will still not help on that 55 yarder half way up a welsh mountain in a force 9 wind
And not forgetting that little bit of luck[/QUOTE]

Now now big boy 😉

There's your problem...

That target wasn't 55 yards as your scope said..

It was 53.9. Well according to my very expensive precision made optical piece of equipment anyway..
Now 1.1 yards uphill in wind does make that little bit of difference..... 😉😉😉

Berty (the fortunate)...
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