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Originally Posted by oldtanky7642 View Post
I have bean asked not to say , as he has bean told that he might have problems with the manufacture , as he says that all outlets in the EU have bean asked not to sell to the UK as they have a supplier .
But he did say any one in the EU would actually sell and ship door to door , you will be floored by the saving you can make.
I have a standard Hunting 5 as well , even though you only move your finger to cock 5 rounds , no mater what the guy says , you do move , he's obviously not used a Styer Hunting 5 Automatic , other wise he wouldn't of said that .
So the Hunting 5 semi , would be better for your sport .
Thanks and no problem - I understand your / their position.

I've tried to do a bit of homework and have found a few sites in Germany, the Netherlands and Czechoslovakia - prices seem to range from between around 1400 and 1500; depending on the site, options etc.

I can definitely feel a purchase on the horizon; the only thing that's really holding me back is paranoia about negotiating the language barrier to ensure I get the spec I want - there are a lot of choices to be accurately communicated to the seller - calibre, muzzle energy, cocking lever orientation, quick fill fitment, cylinder colour...

Thanks for your thoughts on the cocking mech too - I totally agree and as I'm sure is the case with many others, the true semi-auto function is the main draw for me. While I don't doubt that the biathlon system is quicker than most / all other manual cocking systems available at the moment, it would probably still be a bit of a squeeze for the faster standard LSR courses of fire (IIRC the quickest is 5 shots in 10 seconds) and I'd rather just borrow or buy a rimfire if I couldn't get the S/A Steyr

Originally Posted by oldtanky7642 View Post
Sorry , I was asked about accuracy , it's fine no problems out to 50-55 yards .
Even get good groupings out to 70 .
Cheers - while LSR will likely be its primary use, for 1500 I'd like to be able to hit things a bit further away should the mood take me