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Are you forgetting that the Pro Target had serious reg issues when that came out?

I own an NJR100, GML400, GML410, ProTarget Carbine, my MPR and now an EV2 Mk4 as well.
Oh and my Pro Sport which shoots better than I can do it justice with.
I have had a Shamal FT and it was very accurate, but not as well designed as the NJR 100,especially the barrel fixing IMHO.

Mmmm, The NJR was fantastic but long, and very dated with heavy looking parts internally.

If you could change the PT to side lever it would be perfect.

The new HFT500 is probably going to be as good as any MPR for HFT but it will be personal choice on the balance of the gun to each individual, mainly due to the longer cylinder and better standard stock.

There are quite a few PT's running in the HFT circuit and it was only 2012 when Dave Semmens mopped up the NEFTA hunter with one very convincingly, I was miles behind him second with my MPR.

I dont think one is better than the other for HFT. I dont like any of the standard stocks on anything AA have brought out, but at least the HFT is useable, and handles better than you would expect looking at it.
The FTP is nice to handle but probably needs more time on the circuits to be developed a bit more, as with most new guns,and slightly too heavy for me, I like my HFT guns around 9 1/2 to 10lb.

I still love my MPR though.

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