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Originally Posted by TOOL View Post
Only thing that will help you in wind is experience and practice.
Granted your cannon has to be reliable and deliver consistency but forget all your graphs , pellet scales and gadgetry , the slug needs to suit the pipe or your wasting your time.

Just ask Wagger .................
Thanks Tool! I had never thought of that, maybe I have been going wrong somewhere over the the last 35 +years of shooting all types of shotguns, rifle and air rifles. I fully agree on how important the right pellet for the right barrel is of course.I do spend quite a lot of time batch testing and shooting indoors and outdoors at distance and recording the results, just to get the best pellets for each barrel and understand how they perform.

I like the theories that can come from different ideas being shared and it is part of the enjoyment I get from the sport. I just wish that I had more time to get as involved in development and experimenting as I would like.

Unlike Brian I only use one chrono but his results are very impressive, and informative. Obviously from his performance in springers it works for him to his credit, and we can learn a lot from is BC calcs. and testing. He concentrates more on springs and slam factors than regulated air pulses now though.

The theory that Tench is working on though is probably in front of where any large volume manufacturer is today, because they dont really need to. They are quick to take others ideas though from innovators like Bowkett and Harper, and maybe Tench (Simon) now with his impressive results with regs by the number of world and UK positions achieved. There is obviously a lot more to the way a pulse of air is delivered and how it affects pellets in the barrel and as it exits. You can deliver air in lots of different ways in different volumes and pressures over different time frames.
Its all good information and knowledge.

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