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I have a March 10-60x52 with MTR-1. I love it.

Weight and balance (CoG at the turrets not front heavy like a Nikko)
Turrets in real MOA (1.8 click) match reticule (real not 'shooter MOA) so dial or hold-over.
1 tick on reticule = 1 MOA at 40x (checked and confirmed)
Zero-stop easily set and very handy if you decide to dial 8 (rather than just mag down to 20x and give it holdover)
Eye relief very good but not surprising as they are designed for serious full bore.
Ranging precise (using fine detail) and with the JH wheel the gaps are uniform from about 30 through 60 (approx 1mm per yard on wheel).
drop to 10x to find target and number (very useful when there are badly placed targets and the obvious one belongs to a different lane), 60x focus and range, drop to 40x to use.
No need for 50ft adaptor or re-parallaxing
Optics are superb, I can look through it all day long without any eye strain.

In retrospect I would have the illuminated ret as it is very fine and like most scopes you can lose it in dark lanes.

I have a Nikko and a 20-50 Leup sitting on the shelf. Both excellent scopes but it is like driving from A to B. A basic old car will get you there or you can drive in comfort if you can afford to or you could get the bus.

I am getting old, creaky and wobbly (and lack some inside bits) and miss targets from tiredness or lack of concentration. However I miss really accurately (!) and can calculate the effective windspeed I should have allowed for if I can see the pellet splash.

A March justifies its price and if you can afford one then fine. If you can't then a Nikko is a great choice but a 20-50 Leup or a 40x Comp are terrific alternatives and optically much better unless the Nikko is a good one (and there are not so good ones). Comps have better side wheel gaps (than Nikko or 20-50) for 50-55 but they are not uniform and most mess about with the front element. I tried them all and much prefer having the zoom.

Bottom line is - I don't shoot FT because I have to, I compete against myself and as long as I enjoy it then I really don't care about the pros and cons. FT isn't and never was a level playing field when it comes to kit. The very best can knock a target over with just about anything. I am interested in the science and engineering - air rifles, pellets, etc are something you can analyse and solve problems for. There are quite amazing myths based on opinion rather than data.

I would be happy to part with the Nikko and Leup but the March stays.

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