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Default Love these threads

Love some of the posts on here..

It is a simple thing to look at really..

If your happy with the range finding but not the gaps then buy the Taylor shark fin.. Buying a match doesn't mean you'll hit more targets but they might look better when looking through a march 😉...

Personally I wouldn't use anything else and unlike other scopes mentioned on this thread (that I have owned and tried), my march only moves when the scope temp is about 28-29C.

Thankfully in Britain that is rare so I feel pretty safe using the scope in any condition..

Now regarding what comps have been won with a march, your rig to an extent but... How long have comps and nikkos been out compared to march scopes.. Not that I'm biting to the crap said but mine was the second march on the circuit in 2011... I'm happy with my results with it...

Anyway, might be worth looking at he cheaper alternative for now fella...

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