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Originally Posted by gantongunner View Post
gap is about 2-3mm on a 5 inch wheel will measure it more accurately tomorrow
not sure what it will come down to I have not checked ive only ever come down to 10 but think it will come a bit closer I normally try to range on a pellet strike on the plate
Try ranging on something with more pronounced detail. Such as the threads on a bolt or the frayed ends of the reset cord - you might find you're more consistent than using a pellet strike.

My favourite thing to range on is when a club uses a brand new nockover target and they've left the gold address label on the hinge plate. When I can read the label - that's the right range.

Why not have a little experiment by setting out a page from a magazine (with writing on it) and practice your range finding on that in a few different lighting conditions. When you're confident with text on a magazine page, have a practice on a bolt thread. With a little bit of practice and a bit of learning what to look for to rangefind on you might just find that your consistency improves dramatically and so will your confidence.

What most people fail to realise when they start out is that range finding is a skill in itself - it's something you need to learn and practice. If you don't take the time to learn how to do it consistently, then you'll have the same problem with every scope you buy - and some scopes take a lot more learning than others. The Nikko is probably one of the easiest scopes to learn in my opinion.
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