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Red face

this seems to be turning in to an us and them between emly and redfern, THIS IS NOT THE CASE. for a good while the only 2 nefta clubs available to shoot anytime were redfern and ponty after emly lost their ground we were happy to accomodate and share with emly who used us as their own for a good length of time until they got their own ground.
redfern have been a victim of their own success with shooters traveling from all over on saturdays, the midlands and scotland included. while its good to see other shooters it has been geting to the point where redfern members did not want to come because it has been very busy, and having to wait to shoot as teams of 4 go arround the course.
the price of 3 pound was set oly to discourage too many visits in a month, but also the membership was not capped to allow people who have used and wish to still use all facilities to become members, not that we want membership to swell or poach any shooters, just that no one can comlain of members useing their own facilities.

i know that it may not seem it and some people have taken this as a personal snub but that is not the case honest. saturday was the only day for perspective new members to visit the club now we also voted wednesdays too because people work shifts and we wish to foster and promote our sport and give time to people who wish to try before making a decision on taking up shooting.

remember we do this for fun