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Originally Posted by gantongunner View Post
it does range find I just don't like the small gap between 50 and 55 and and would prefer something different ive heard the march scopes are good and like I say I fancy sticking with FT so think imo it makes good sense to me to invest in a good scope
How big is the gap between 50 and 55 ?

What's the closest range your scope will rangefind?

The reason I ask is that I had a play with my Nikko. Out of the box the closest it would range to was between 9 and 10 yards, so I reparallaxed to try to get it to range down a bit closer to 8 yards (I think I might have done that for the Anglo American where they used to have 7mm killzones at 8 yards from time to time).

Anyhoo... the net result was that twatting about with the parallax played havoc with range finding at longer ranges - 50/55 yards and reduced the gap quite a bit.

If you haven't owned the Nikko from new, is there a chance that someone has been playing with the parallax to help with the 8 yard shots and buggered up your longer ranges?

Just a thought, might save you a wodge of dosh.

Another thought is - what do you range on? - do you range on the faceplate of a target for example?

I'm using a Bushnell Elite 8-32 and I'll admit it does take a bit of practice to be consistent with it, but the gap between 50 and 55 yards is just 2.3mm - and that's plenty good enough for me to be able to get the range right to within a yard. Is it just a case of learning to use what you've already got I wonder?
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