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This has made me think
Thought this was settled years ago and that the wind effect was similar on both the light and the heavy pellets. The assumption then, was that small pellets in the air for shorter time was the same as larger pellets in the air for longer time. Powers being the same. Small and large referring to the area of the pellet seeing wind.

I remember challenging someone who swore by heavies, to shoot at the same time as me. We could not see any difference in the effect of the wind on the point of impact. I therefore stuck to using 7.9s as they have a flatter trajectory.
All very non-scientific though.

Recently I found that Falcon Accuracy plus 7.33 grouped the best in my EV2 in an indoor 30m range. So if most people use light pellets, it is strange that no one ( I think ) use these for FT.
Will have to re-visit 10.3 pellets .... maybe!
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