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Originally Posted by martin c View Post
I recently posted that I had sent an e-mail to my local mp , rt hon francis maude mp ( former chairman of the conservative party and still a leading figure in the party ) on the subject of the proposed plan for the transferance of power to scotland enabling them to ban airguns.

I recieved this reply today from his offices in westminster so have a read and see what you think , personally it doesn't sound to good to me.

ps if any-one out there can explain the point about battle re-enactments at airshows please let me know.

pps sorry about the quality
Battle re-enactments???....maybe we change the targets from birds,rabbits,rats Panzer tanks.Mercedes staff cars and the Bundesschild emblem..(I think we already have one at EM...reduced kill... fooker to get)...there you go compliance...sorted

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