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I remember trying some Daystate FT pellets a while back in my HW100, the advertised weight on the tin was 10.25 but they actually weighed around 10.5.

Only tried them for a day, they were very accurate i have to say (at the very least as good as the exacts i was using at the time) but the extra drop at 45y was noticeable, as i would expect since they were running 705/710, compared to the exacts which ran around 780.

On 10 mag with a 35y zero the exacts would drop three quarters of a mil dot at 45y and the hevies dropped one full Mill dot at 45y. The wind on the day was noticeable, between 5 to 10 if i had to guess, but i could not see a difference in the wind movement between either pellet (strong winds needed maybe) so i stuck with the exact.

I was impressed with the accuracy of them though and if i could have seen a definite benefit in wind on the day i would have tried them over a longer period.
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