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Good post with a lot of stuff that I had not considered too much.

In my MPR I have found that decent batches of 7.9's group better than anything else at 45 yards in good conditions, give them some wind and they seem less predictable than 8.4's, and the groups open up a lot more than 8.4's. All this is from practical experiments on paper targets. The 8.4's drift but more predictably. Strange but I have noticed a lot of EV 2 owners saying 7.9's work better. Which is the opposite to my MPR testing (same barrel). I have not done enough testing with the EV2 yet to see if the same happens with that.

I dont have enough evidence yet to see if it is just odd winds on a few shoots lately, but I have noticed that my EV2 seems to need more allowance for wind with the same pellets(8.4). I will be doing some more testing on this but wondered if the the unregged MPR really does need less allowance for wind? Maybe I am over compensating in the EV2, some more testing needed I think. Is there different effects from a regged gun with a measured pulse of air? (just thought I would throw that in ).

If I wanted less choice of pellets and a loopier trajectory I would have a go at .22 not heavies. I might try the odd batch now though! LOL.I dont test over the chrono to the depths of Brian working out BC over two chronos, but a consistant pellet usually groups better, but thats common sense.

Just going to google the Magnus effect!!! I only teach fluid power to engineers, so anything other than the gas laws or pythag, and I have to get my books out.

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