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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
Hi Colin, it was me who won the Daystate midland series using the heavies in the BSA barrel. The unusual behaviour in the wind did not happen with the BSA barrel, that only occurred when I used them in a faster twist barrel, it was actually a barley twist barrel which measured 15.5" twist, the accuracy in that barrel was spot on but the wind caused them to string on a diagonal instead of horizontally.
Hi Simon

I'm so sorry. I knew you had won the Midlands but didn't realise you had won it with heavies. I mustn't have recognised your username on BSAOG ( maybe there was another guy on there who won some other, more local series with heavies too ).

... and again sorry ... I've re-read what you posted above and I understand now about the BSA Vs the faster twist rate barrel.
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