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Just sort of repeating what Simon has said above ... but I was not aware of the left / right wind issue in the BSA barrel.

My S10 in 0.177 shoots 4.51 Barracuda ( 10.6gr ) more accurately than anything else.

Like Simon I was only shooting to 45 yards in HFT.

I spent years trying to find a lighter pellet ( it hated AA/JSB ). It does shoot Prems pretty well.

Eventually I realised that at the max 45 yards and with a 35 yard zero the 10.6gr were only falling a few mm's lower than the 7.9/8.4gr stuff.

I tested them in various wind and they were so much easier to shoot in wind. In wind that was drifting the 7.9/8.4 stuff out of the kill ( 40mm @ 45y... so moving the lighter pellets 20 - 25mm ) the 10.6gr were hardly moving and I could still aim dead centre. I never noticed the L or R wind thing like Simon mentions. Maybe I was just testing with wind from the left?

I shot them on some courses in windy conditions and it was so much easier. Like has been mentioned ... it's wind that does the damage. Once I'd learned the very slightly loopier trajectory over 45 yards it was fine.

The 15mm mid range stuff was a little tricky but you just learn the aim points.

I never gave the S10 a chance as I went back to shooting springer.

Just some trivia ... the guy who dominated HFT in the early days ( along with Sparky ) was Tony De Cross, who sadly had a stroke. I'm sure Tony won the first year of proper HFT? Tony shot an old BSA S10 and I'm sure he used one of the PAX style pellets at @ 9.5gr. No disrepect to Tony but kill sizes then were a lot bigger across the 45 yards so it was easier ... but he was a great shooter so he would have adapted to the smaller kills.

I'm sure there was a guy who posts on the BSAOG who won some series ( was it Midlands ? ) with 10.6gr out of a BSA in the last couple of years ( HFT ).

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