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Default scopes

Over the last 7 or 8 years i've tried many of the scopes that are around your budget point (except the Falcons) and here's are my 2p worth:

Firstly, i need to caveat that i'm very short sighted (my eyes are -7.0) and I normally wear specs for shooting, this may have influenced my findings.
Secondly, you need to figure out if weight is a considerable factor for you as this will inform your choice. Please have in mind weight can be useful if you're physically capable. Some trial and error will be required here.
Thirdly, quality variation occurs within production runs - i can't say where my scopes fell/fall on the quality distribution curve.

Prices are my guess only, condition, extras etc will affect....

-Bushnell 8-32 (~300 used) - light, front PA, ranged well but I found hard work with my cr@p eyes - especially dark target
-Burris 8-32RA (~300 used) - light; front PA; found harder to consistently range than Bushnell above.
-Big Nikko Mk3 (~500? - bought new many yrs ago) - Heavy; side PA; super at ranging; mine required close focus adaptor (CFA) under 11yds for 15mm kills; failed on me, warranty replacement had quality issues; mine showed 2 temp-shift points 5C and 25C.
-Weaver T36 (~275 used) - very light; front PA; similar to Bushnell 8-32 for ranging; requires CFA under 17yds
-Leup Comp 40x (~775 used) - light-ish; side PA; good ranging but I found hard work with my eyes; mine required CFA under 10yd; it showed 2 temp shift points ~8C and ~20C
-Deben NightTech 10-50 (~300 used) - Heavy; side PA; very good at ranging; no need for CFA; 1 temp shift at 10C; very long so mounting onto action tricky with some rifles.

I'm loving my Deben. It's doesn't seem to trip me up like other scopes, both in terms of compatibility with my eyes and temp shifts - and it's stonking value. If looking for one be careful which version you go for, I understand the Mil-pro badged ones are not so good.
A Big Nikko (mk1 or 2) or old BSA 10-50 would be similar s.

Scope preference is a very subjective thing, but 300 should get you something competitive -
Just off the top of my noggin I can think of 5 mega shots who use scopes of around the 300 mark.

Hope that's of some use to you.
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