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You have to remember that the NJR is a HEAVY rifle , so the scope you get should be light . if you can find a GOOD custom shop it will do the job . if you don't pay to much for it ( between 150 to 200 ) it could be a good buy . personally i would save up and get a GOOD lupe . if young and good eye's . a MK4 in 32 or 35 mag . if older a Comp X in 35 or 40 mag ( light scope ) and you can keep that scope for a good long time as you progress , you can get a 20+50 lupe for around that sort of money . A good scope is a keeper and a pleasure to use . a bad one is a PAIN . bit like the pieman ??? HOLLY

PS i was told when i started , buy the best scope you can afford . if you cannot see it , you cannot hit it .
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